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Presented by Scott Thomson

Hot Safer Sex

Are hot sex and safer sex the same thing? For many of us, having sensational safer sex can be a struggle. Whether it is talking about STIs with partners, the awkward dash into the other room to find a condom, or the seemingly impossible task of holding a dental dam in place, putting the safer into the sexy can be a challenge. In this workshop we will expand our definitions of sex, re-engineer the role that barriers play, and explore techniques and strategies for the seamless integration of safer sex in to all of our hot, steamy action.

Intimacy, Connection and Healthy Relationships

As a group, we will create a safe space for all participants to be vulnerable, and open themselves up to greater connection in their relationships. With a focus on techniques to increase connection, and the opportunity to participate in group exercises, this class will empower participants to be more open with their own sexuality and desires while navigating the minefield of emerging sexual identity, orientation and new found desire. Finally, we will dispel myths about body image and physical ability that can block intimacy and open, honest connection.

Bold, Courageous and Brave: How to Get What You Want and Keep Getting It

Moving beyond negotiation, this class uses small and large group exercises to help develop the skills that build confidence and facilitate clear communication. Through small and large group exercises we will explore some of the barriers that keep you from getting what you want, and practice some techniques that facilitate clear communication and build confidence. In addition, we will examine how the language that we use can invalidate our own needs prevent us from advocating for ourselves and our needs.

Presented by Lee Harrington

Authentically Kinky (Discussion)

Let’s get this straight... you have twisted, perverted, alternative or kinky desires that set you apart from vanilla sexuality in some way. Have you joined a kink community through books, online or in person... and now you do stuff that the community tells you what kinky “should” look like? Have you started a relationship and you are having trouble with the reality of the relationship being nothing like the fantasy of it? Be honest- flogging and rope bondage doesn’t do it for everyone, and most of us really can’t be labeled into simple categories like Top, Bottom, Dominant or Submissive. You are a complex being with personal desires, and so is that person next to you. Let’s look into what makes each of us authentic sexual explorers... finding our true sexual and sensual desires amidst the messages from our communities and beyond.

Role-playing Skills For the Bedroom and Beyond

So you’ve decided that it could be fun to do some role playing, but aren’t sure where to go with it? Let’s develop some skills together! Using classical evocation skills we will work to pull out our inner emotions and be able to pull upon our sensuality, anger, sadness, and other feelings on command. Evocation is also an amazing tool for pulling out our own inner Daddy, pony, goddess, or slave. We will then turn to the idea of invocation, to tap into personal, cultural and universal archetypes as well as other concepts that we are drawn to. Just because it’s not inside you, doesn’t mean you can’t learn through some simple exercises and brainstorming to learn how to “draw it down.” Bring your roleplaying fantasies or curiosity for this fun discussion and exercise driven workshop.

Negotiating Well With Others... and Yourself!

At every turn, kinksters are encouraged to know their needs and limits, express them to partners, and negotiate! negotiate! negotiate! It is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain how or where to begin, what to bring up or what to focus on - even for the most extroverted pervert. Let&rsquot;s take an opportunity to use negotiation as foreplay, self-exploration, and a road map to our most intimate fantasies, and then come back to developing our skills for negotiating with others, whether for play or within relationships. And there are so many approaches to negotiation we can take! Remember, negotiation is a practice and takes practice - like Kung Fu for the erotic explorer. New, experienced, shy, outgoing, top, or bottom, everyone can benefit from negotiating!

Presented by Andrea Zanin

Keynote: The Thinking Kinkster (Or, Knowledge Is Power)

Every year, new knowledge about BDSM and kink is produced and put out into the world. That knowledge comes from a wide range of sources-academia, pop culture and kinky communities themselves. But what exactly is being said, and how does it impact kinky folks? Perhaps even more importantly, how does it affect the people who might be interested in BDSM, leather or kink but not connected with a community? In a keynote that promises to be both entertaining and informative, Andrea will draw on a few well-known recent examples to lead you through some basic frameworks for thinking critically about the information that&rsquot;s out in the world about perverts and what it is that we do. You&rsquot;ll also come out with some fresh ideas about how to creatively engage with the vast and fascinating range of materials that exist about the, ahem, dark and dangerous underworld of kink.

10 Rules for Happy Non-Monogamy

So you’d like to be romantically involved with more than one person at once? Or maybe you’d just like to sleep with someone other than your one-and-only? Whether you’re considering your first steps into non-monogamy or you’re an old hand looking for a fresh perspective, you’ll find valuable tidbits in this common-sense approach to enjoying love and sex in the plural. This is an interactive workshop with lots of room for beginners and experienced poly folk alike to share their questions and experiences.

LeatherDyke Culture & History

As Andrea is creating this class for our conference, we do not yet have a description.

Presented by Hedwig Florence

Rope beyond restraint: Introduction

Beginners class split into two sections: one talk on basic safety and communication and one section for hands on. The class will; (I) focus on understanding and turning the one column tie and a chest harness into solid ties, and (II) look at how to make these ties into something more than just restraint; how to communicate with one&rsquot;s partner and to put focus on the journey, rather than the destination. We will look at how the senses of our bodies are engaged with rope and how we can play with these in order to not only restrain but to move our partners and ourselves; first looking at the techniques and then applying them to the ties previously learned.

The class consists of:
  • Basic safety and communication
  • One column tie
  • Simple chest harness- working with friction.
  • An introduction to rope as a means of communication-not only restraint.

Suitable for everyone.

Rope beyond Restraint: The next steps

A follow up on the introductory class, building upon but also developing those techniques as well as introducing a couple of other basic ties.

The class consisting of:

  • Two column tie
  • Lacing; tying and keeping control of the rope
  • Untying
  • Further development of rope as communication and practice time

Suitable for those familiar with the concepts in the introductory class as well as those who wish to continue to explore communicative aspects of rope.